Play NFS III on your Android smartphone

Yes, you got it right! You can play this game right on your phone, but be advised that it requires a beefy one!

  • Download this and this, unpack them to "Download" folder in the internal storage, install "Exagear windows emulator mod.apk". Move "com.eltechs.ed" floder to your "Android/obb/" folder in the internal storage.
  • Start Exagear, first start will take a while, go to the "Manage containers", add one, hit three dots next to it, then "Run explorer".
  • Now open drive "D", it should be you downloads folder of the internal storage. If it is, then open "d3d" folder, select all the dll files and hit "copy" button.
  • Now open drive "C" > "windows" > "system32", paste the copied files here and accept the replace of all of them.
  • Now hit "Start" button in bottom left corner, a window pops up, type "winecfg".
  • Go to "Libraries" tab, in the "New override for library" field type in name of each file you copied to the "system32", for example: "d3d10", "d3d10core", "d3d9", etc.
  • Now download the game itself from the downloads page, unpack it to the "Downlaod" folder of the internal storage, go back to Exagear.
  • Go to drive "D", open the game folder, start "SetupMP.exe", on "Thrash Driver" tab select "SoftTri", on the "Program" tab, check the "Windowed mode" box, on "Graphic" tab, make sure "Hide 16bit modes" and "Use 32bit Mode In Menu" are unchecked. Hit "Save and run" but dont play it, we are not done yet, hit the cross on the bar and exit.
There are multiple ways how to control the game now, keyboard is one of them however. As we want to play it on the go, we need on-screen controls, so lets set it up.
  • Get the GameKeyboard + app, install it, then run.
  • Do "Step 1" and "Step 2" as the app says, then download buttons layout, then go to "Settings" > "Import profile" and select the one you downloaded, also you will want to uncheck the "Use Hot Key" box.
  • Finally, fire up the Exagear, go to "Manage Containers", hit three dots near the one you created, now choose:
If you have a beefy phone(or you think so):
  • Go "Properties" > "Screen resolution", fell free to set anything above 1280x720, also set same resolution in the game.
If you have a whacky phone:
  • Go "Properties" > "Screen resolution", set 640x480, also set same resolution in the game.
And no matter what you phone is, set color depth to 16 bit, it is important.
Now, go back to the "Container Manager", tap three dots at the container you configured, "Run Explorer". Go to drive "D", double tap "nfs3.exe"(zoom in if you miss it), hit the screen with three fingers to close the bar, hit with two to show up the gamepad and we are done(dont forget to set up the controls in the game).

Source: PC Games On Android