'Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed' editing kit

Me and @DopamineFlint decided to make a compilation of tools to edit NFSPU. This kit includes: Zmodeler, CRP Filter, FSHTool, CarSuite, Simedit, NFSPUTEX, CarPartsEditor, Fileeditor. Note: "CRP Filter" should be used with "Zmodeler 1.07", which allows to convert cars for NFS:PU. This package includes instructions how to use this filter. Please note: we are not the developers and we are not pretending to be the developers of any software that presented in this archive. We only compiled the software to the one place to don't make people look around for these tools.

Audio converter for 'Need For Speed: High Stakes'

WIth this tool you can convert audio or video to the .asf format for NFS: HS. Drop files for conversion to the "INPUT_FILES" folder, double-click "!START.bat", wait and pick up you files from the "OUTPUT_FILES" folder. Note that name of a file that is about to be converted should not contain special symbols like "-", "_", "/" etc.

SetupMP for NFS2, NFS3 and NFS4

This is a tool made by Keiiko which allows you to quickly setup thrash driver, some nGlide options and more. It can work with NFS2, NFS3 and NFS4, just put it into the game root directory and run it. Note that you need to have "VEG" patched game in order to use it.


Pretty primitive tool for track editing, but if you know how to use it well, then you can make some cool stuff with it. Also want to make a shoutout to @DumbPanda and ask him to make a better track editor


This tool is made to extract .FSH and .QFS files and packing them back after editing, so this you can edit the textures, or even add textures if you are modifying track.